What does a Civil Litigator do ?

A civil lawyer is most commonly referred to as a Litigator. A civil attorney or litigator deals with non criminal areas of a public dispute. These disputes usually involve a party or entity seeking compensation for damages incurred from another party or entity. The nature of civil disputes tends to focus on people, relationships, and property.

Civil attorneys provide legal strategies and advice on your civil case. They’ll represent you in a variety of proceedings, such as pretrial hearings, depositions, arbitration, mediation, and the trial itself. For instance, they’ll:

•Conduct or take part in disposition hearings.

•File motions.

•Make court appearances on behalf of their client.

•Draft up legal documentation.

•Investigate activities relating to the case.

•Research pertinent laws.

•Negotiate settlements.

In many cases, civil attorneys may handle cases when there is no apparent dispute. Instead, clients may simply want legal advice in complex areas, such as real estate transactions, family law, immigration cases, or estate planning.

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