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Tafara Mukwani - Director

Tafara has a wealth of pratical experience. He holds Bachelor of Laws from UNISA, and is an Admitted Attorney of Republic of South Africa.

He specialises in Estate Law, Family Law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Commercial Law and Labour Law. Before he became the Director for Mukwani Attorneys, he worked for ST Attorneys, K Lutchmia, Banchvis, D Netshitungu Attorneys and SW Nkala Attorneys

He loves finding creative solutions to his clients’ problems and reaching successful outcome. He looks at law as a form of a call and service to others.

Our Mission

We are committed to giving our clients objective, honest, and personalised advice upholding the highest stands of honesty and integrity in all that we do.

Our vision

It to offer affordable legal services especially in the areas of Deceased Estates.

Our values are:  

 • Honesty

 • Integrity

 • Quality

 • Promptly

 • Excellency


Our Law Firm in Johannesburg entail good business ethics where the interests of our clients takes precedence over any other interests .Mukwani Attorneys offer legal service that is clean of any corrupt activities and ensures that our clients get the best service.  Our conduct shall be underlined by honesty and faithfulness to our client and we will do everything in the best interests of our clients.

We respect all stakeholders and the laws of the republic ,regulations and any ordinance and we shall operate within the confines of the law.

We shall not be associated with institutes and individuals of questionable integrity and social standing.


Our top attorneys in Johannesburg deliver proper legal expeditiously without compromising quality of service rendered. We have best attorneys in Johannesburg who involve clients on each and every stage .

All our Lawyers in Johannesburg and all Mukwani Attorneys staff members in Johannesburg are committed to work efficiently and are highly qualified . Excellence is our standard and we shall not offer mediocre service to our clients .

Transparency and Accountability

As a top law firm in Johannesburg, we are clear in our dealings with clients and all stakeholders .We believe and practice openness and accountability to our clients .We shall not use the client,s information to the detriment of the client .Mukwani Attorneys has a system of reporting back to clients and we always get instructions if any decision that have a repercussion on our client is about to be made .We  have an open door policy.